Features Of The Floor Safes


There is alarming rise in rate of crime and theft these days. This makes it important to protect our valuable items and other belongings against any loss. The manufacturers have come up with many ideas that can help us protect our valuable items. There are many products that have been tested and have been proved the best in protecting our belongings. One such successful safe is the floor safe. These safes are basically of three types. One is the wall mounted type safe, the free standing ones and simple floor safes.

Floor safes, like all other safes, have been specially designed to protect or guard our documents and other valuables. Just as the name says, these floor safes are mounted in the floors, inside the slabs on the floor. It is fixed in the floor therefore manufacturers say that the position should be nicely analyzed first so that it has maximum potential. If they are rightly mounted then they can be the best safes against theft or burglary and also other tragedies such as fire.

Installation of floor safes is a little more expensive and complicated when compared to the regular wall safes. This is because for the purpose of installation of a floor safe, you are required to first remove a slab from your floor. After this you will have to dig in this area. After the hole has been made, the safe is placed inside and the concrete is poured over it so that it is covered and becomes a strong installation. This way it becomes difficult to remove a safe during a burglary.

These floor safes have been designed so that they can not only protect your valuables during burglary but also at the time of fire. These floor safes have been tested against all kinds of burglary. The floor safes are available in various types, size and shapes. The price is decided on the rating of the floor safes.

These floor safes come with electronic locks. This makes it convenient for the user as he or she is not required to rotate lock to open it. Also this electronic lock gives you the convenience of changing the lock code on your wish. These floor safes come with minute wall covering.

The floor safes have been rated the best for the purpose of security. They are mounted in side the floor which makes it difficult for a thief to take it out of the floor.

By: Dhoni

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