Importance Of Fire Proof Safes


Not many people take the pain of protecting their valuable items against fire. But it is something important and should be taken care of. You may see your state record and you will find that every year hundreds of property catch fire which results in devastation and great loss. There might be most of the things that can be replaced but then there are few which cannot be.

Then there are many items that might take much time to replace or repair or there might a lot of trouble you might have while doing the same. Obviously we all are optimistic and just hope that we never face such disasters in our life. But still we need to prepare ourselves just to avoid any major loss that can happen. Therefore you need a fire proof safe that can hold all your important items and documents which are very difficult or impossible to be replaced. Such things may include property deeds, security cards and numbers, passports, birth certificates and many such valuable items.

You may find these safes with many protection levels. There is no label that can be called fire proof but they have different varieties that have different degree of resistance towards fire. They are labeled according to the length of the protection they can provide. Some fire proof safes provide protection from fire for thirty minutes while other may provide for one hour or more. All this depends on the making of the safes.

These safes have the ability to protect the items that are kept inside the safe because the temperature level is kept around three hundred fifty degree. While testing a fire proof safe, two things are noticed. First is the highest degree of temperature that the inner walls of safe can attain during fire. Second is the time period for which the safe can withstand fire. There are fire proof safes with two labels that are 350 and 125. The one with 350 is perfect for preventing valuable documents while the one with 125 labels is perfect for protecting electronic equipments like drives, disks, floppies, etc. then they are also classified on the basis of the time for which they can withstand fire. Most common are thirty minutes, one hour and two hours. There is also a variety of sizes and shapes of these safes available so that they can fit into everyone’s need easily.

By: Dhoni

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